About us

Our company

We are a company born to create a revolutionary idea in the beekeeping world. We want to help the beekeeping to achieve an increase in production yield of honey and keep the hive healthy. 

We have spent years researching new technology to improve the performance of beekeepers with the design and development of a machine that makes this possible.


Currently, beekeepers have to face a different problem either due to diseases or pests and the solution ends up being to use chemical products. We think the best solution to this problem is to replace the honeycombs more frequently to decrease diseases and to avoid the use of chemicals. With this idea we can achieve a more healthy hive and not harm the quality of the honey with other products.

The BREAT's (https://www.breat.eu) challenge was to make a honeycomb with only beeswax and with the entire hexagonal cells made. Now we already are selling these honeycombs and marketing them.


The result of using our combs is an increase of 70% in the production of honey, as some beekeepers have told us. Like the bees you already have the honeycombs made and they can already collect and save the honey, without having to make the honeycombs previously.

Other beekeepers also highlight the honey savings. With the use of BREAT combs, the bee does not have to produce wax to create combs and uses its resources for honey production. In other words, for every 1 kg of wax that the bee stops producing, the bee will save 7 kg of honey and the beekeeper will be able to harvest more.

In summary, beekeepers are satisfied with the use of our combs and the results obtained.

Honeycomb filled with honey